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Highsea Tour

The specialized tour operator and travel agency based in Samui offering excursions, tour packages, transfer service, boat charter and cruise ship tendering service. 

Highway Travel Booking (1989)

Highway Travel Booking Ltd.,Part (Highsea Tour) is a registered tour operator and travel agent with the Tourism Authority of Thailand. TAT License No. 34/00535 with a team of travel insiders experienced over 33 years. 

As the tour operator, we are committed to providing excellent service to our clients, giving the first priority to our clients’ safety together with creating a friendly relationship. As a travel agency, we have the prime missions to offer our clients the best available options of traveling with reasonable prices, ensuring that our clients will have a memorable experience along the trip.


We are the first tour operator in Koh Samui that has been operating excursion tours to Angthong National Marine Park, and also is the company that has been accepted by every Cruise Lines to assist in transporting tourists from Cruises to Koh Samui. We are dedicated to creating a memorable, enjoyable and impressive experience for our clients to have the best holidays with friendly services.


Our boat fleet consists of 6 spacious boats which are Highsea 1, Highsea 2, Highsea 5, Highsea 9, Highsea 11 and Highsea 17, all of our tour boats have been designed to provide the feeling of adventure with relaxation to our clients, and to assure that our clients are enjoy traveling with us safely along the trip.


Dreaming of a place where we can find elegance tropical vibes and emerald green sea?

Sustainability towards Cruise Industry

The arrival of cruises marked a meaningful beginning of the new era of the Samui tourism industry, reflecting a great revival of the Samui tourism sector enthusiastically, of which the economic benefits to Samui islanders and the local government have been substantial. 

As cruise passengers could be our future repeat visitors, therefore, we all should genuinely emphasize on sustainable tourism management to promote opportunities that generate positive tourism impacts in the long run, and lead to higher productivity that extend beyond the initial economic upturn. Ideally, to achieve the goals of sustainable tourism, we should take full account of the current and future economic, social-cultural and environmental impacts. On behalf of Samui islander, we believe that the cruise industry has been offering the opportunities to beautify communities and develop infrastructure for all travelers to visit, to express our cultural identities to the world, and to improve our living standards. Even though it also creates some negative impacts, if only we acknowledge the ways that we can balance them, it would provide us with endless prosperity to our home.

The vibrancy through future calls from incoming new cruise lines significantly energize the tourism system, but the best is yet to come. With dedications, supports and efforts from every tourism sector, let’s get together and prepare our local resources to allow our precious cruise passengers to live the greatest experience from now and in the future.

Let's travel responsibly

"Embracing the preciousness of Samui’s natural heritages together with creatively presenting meaningful travel journeys designed by employing sustainable local resources development".


We have been implementing our deliberately planned strategies in organizing various types of tours in Samui that make travelers perpetually rich in delicious travel experiences along the trip.


- Ms. Chitchanok Pongsupphat, CEO 


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